Beneficiary NGOs

The challenges in education are complex

The challenges in education are so complex, that a whole child-centred ecosystem is needed to see results where it truly matters. There is no use in having refurbished schools and well-trained teachers, if we have no infrastructure, medical services or social services.

In the case of children from vulnerable environments, the need is to have support from all sides and at the same time. We need to be “Together for Education”, which is why we are happy to introduce the project’s beneficiary NGOs.

EM Association was set up in 2019, and it was involved in educational and special projects mainly targeting rural or economically disadvantaged communities in Călărași county. The activities aim to identify and support persons from socially disadvantaged categories by providing support, consulting and assistance, organising various qualification training courses and professional evaluation sessions.

The Association “Bună Ziua, Copii din România” (BZRO) is a non-government organisation from Bârlad, Vaslui county, working in the field of children’s rights protection; they came to Romania to help children from placement centres and from state child care institutions. The association is accredited as social services provider for social counselling services, psychological counselling, socialising and leisure pastimes, information for children separated or at risk of being separated from their parents.

Association “ÎNDRĂZNEȘTE!”, located in commune Mânăstirea, Călărași county, works to promote and support formal, non-formal and informal education of children and youth. The goal of the activities is to prevent absenteeism and school dropping, increase the rate of success of pupils and young people in national exams, acquire skills and competences needed for the personal development, professional integration and active citizenship, and promoting the human rights (rights of the children), cultural diversity, equal opportunities, and tolerance.

Association HoltIS is the main provider of parental education services in Romania following the model “How to train appreciative parenting”, considered a best practice model by the Council of Europe in 2011. Since 2019, their area of intervention was expanded by setting up teenager clubs aiming to develop social skills, civic spirit, leadership, team work, and belonging; the Association had 168 HoltIS clubs active in the country in 2022.

The purpose of Association SPER – Speranță, Performanță, Educație, Respect is to support children, young people and persons from disadvantaged categories to develop skills and competences needed for their social integration, by involving them in national and international non-formal education projects, workshops, seminars, training programmes, camps, volunteering activities, festivals, and sports competitions.

Association Ai voință, Ai putere operates in the cities of Oltenița and Giurgiu since 2016. The Association actively works on the recovery of children with special education needs, as well as with social cases. The organisation holds 5 licenses in social assistance, two in job counselling, and one in social economy.

Since 7 years ago, the Association provides support for persons with impressive life stories, children, adults and elders, which it helps to develop harmoniously, reach their potential, and get a chance to a better life. The Association provides licensed social services in the community, working with adults at risk of social exclusion, but supporting other marginalised groups as well, such as abused mothers, abandoned children, youngsters coming from poor families and having outstanding results in education, as well as children or adults suffering from serious medical problems.

The Association for Evolution ROTAS was set up in 2015, with the purpose to support disadvantaged children from the commune of Tunari, Ilfov county. Some of the Association’s activities are: support with homework in the Rotas day care centre for 30 children; leisure-socialising activities, counselling, independent life skills development, school and career guidance, providing hot meals for these children, as well as distributing clothing, footwear, school supplies received from donations, mediating between the state institutions and the families of the children enrolled at the Rotas day care centre.

The SCUT Social Services Association is a non-profit organisation set up in 2000 and operating in Brașov. SCUT supported over 1000 people to build a better life, among which young people coming from placement centres, disabled adults, children, young people and disadvantaged families from Brașov county.

EduBuzz is an educational hub for children and young people from Augustin, Brașov county, operating in an unconventional space – a bus turned into an education and leisure centre. In this centre, children can enjoy additional classes or classes aimed at reviewing or recovering educational content.

COTE Foundation is a Romanian non-government organisation established in Iași in 1996. The Association works sustainably for the social inclusion of vulnerable children and youth by providing personal development programmes, involving the beneficiaries in the life of the community, socialising and leisure activities, non-formal education.