What do we do in this project?

Whom do we look for?

We look for those organisations that:

  • operate in the rural areas in the counties of Călărași, Brașov, Iași, Ilfov and Vaslui;
  • operate in the field of health, basic needs, social infrastructure or services;
  • focus on one of the following segments of beneficiaries: children 5-6 years old; children 7-10 years old; children 11-14 years old; parents of children aged 5-14; schools with <=3 rank of disadvantaged environment as per the methodology of the School for All project;
  • are small or medium-sized NGOs with no more than 50 employees.

How do we support growth of NGOs?


We contribute to developing organisational management, by:

  • developing management skills;
  • outlining the medium-long term strategy of the organisation;
  • support with operational planning;
  • training on standard human resources management processes;
  • coaching and mentoring for executive managers.


We support the development of fund-raising capacities by:

  • creating a guide for the development of an income strategy;
  • mentoring, consulting, and facilitation of meetings with potential local fund providers;
  • writing of projects that have the potential to be funded from public funds, where NGOs are eligible partners;
  • consulting and involvement in developing donation collection platforms for collecting donations from natural persons.


We provide support for developing the management of relationships with public authorities, by:

  • consulting and training on identifying brand attributes and the right communication channels;
  • specific training in developing and applying instruments that enable measuring the impact of the NGO’s intervention on the community;
  • best practices guide;
  • facilitating meetings with local public authorities.


We support public awareness building

on problems related to education, through promotion campaigns and best practice exchanges, which encourage collaboration between organisations.

What is the required engagement?

  • active participation in the project activities, workshops and events;
  • support in accessing information from the community to create adequate instruments to support the development of the NGO;
  • promotion of the project events on your own media channels;
  • at the end of the project, replicating the know-how acquired to two other NGOs in the community, in order to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the project after its completion.

In terms of sustainability and impact, we know very well that a whole village is needed to raise a child, and a whole country is needed to solve systemic problems that have such a devastating impact as those we see in education. It is the time to join our forces and create a space for shared initiatives that will truly support children in vulnerable environments.